Man Cave Edition #1

We all want our own man cave, some are filled with wines from around the world. some with vintage clocks or paintings. but some (especially if your reading this) want cars. old, vintage, powerful cars. some with pommie metal (or like me, fibreglass) some with US metal, some even like high speed autobahn cruisers. but we all love anything with an engine and wheels.

So welcome to Autolife’s search through some of our local man cave’s, for this episode we visit…well, lets just call him uncle. He’s got some nice peices of machinery, some older than your grannie, some needing more TLC than my first (and only) marrage. but most can be fixed or at least useful for other projects. some are for sale (check the Quokka) like the 33 chev roadster convertable, it doesnt have the rear tray, or much else. but you never know what it’ll become. then there’s the 34 chev 3 window with rumble seat, needs to be steeled out, but when did you last see one of these pre showroom?

maybe you like the original Bathurst monaro, rough, but still all there. the hemi Pacer, or the Charger shell out front. but the keepers are the fun ones, not showroom, but fun none the less. we all have our fun cars, some are long term, some just to rescue then sell on. some just to leave in the corner and look at while having a cold one every now and then. but there all there, waiting….sitting in the cold corner of that shed…..for the day they get a new lease on life. and i want to see them, so if you have your own  man cave, be it small, damp or in the woods,  and would like to show others who love to see some metal waiting it’s turn, give us a hoy and we’ll come have a gander.  (and hope you have some coldies waiting) 😉

till next time, Dodgee

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