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on the 23rd of january 2012 , Autolife rolled out there new Mobile access service , mobile devices such as Apple IOS , Android , blackberry
and various other mobile devices can now browse our posts and links via a mobile interface making to easier for those without full PC/desktop access or those on the go.

Accessing the mobile services is as simple as visiting and our site will automatically detect your device and show the relevant interface


Above Left :  Iphone mobile view  –  Center : Ipads Webapp mode  – Right : Ipads Mobile View

As with anything mobile related ,shrinking a full multimedia rich site into a mobile viewer ,  some limitations do apply –

-New – Submitting events does not work on mobile devices ( at least on ipad/iphone anyway ) , to submit an event to us tap here to submit using our contact us form or just tell us on facebook 🙂

– Access to our site ‘feature’ posts which are usually displayed via a rolling slide show at the top of the site,  requires you to switch to full desktop mode , if on a IOS device (iphone etc) this can be done by scrolling to the end of the page and sliding the ‘ ‘Mobile theme ” tab to OFF

– To view photos posted in our articles , please use the mobile view ( your devices web brower  ), not the Web-app mode available on Iphone/ipad ( adding a icon to your desktop activates webapp mode on ipdad/iphone/ipod ) , just touch the photo you want to view and it will pop open



if we notice any other restictions in the future we will post them here

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