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Gazzanats 2012After a year’s wait, Gary and Deb Myers finally bought back one of the toughest events in Australia to Collie, Gazzanats! After covering this even the last time it was here, we were sure to book our accommodation and make…Read more

2012/03/27 6:43:05 PM
Cranksters Pipeline Picnic March 2012well after being so slack (cough) and not getting to the Ace ford 19th annual cruise ( luckily Bruce got there for us , thanks Bruce! ) , Sir Dodgee was entered into the cranksters pipeline picnic on Sunday ,…Read more

2012/03/19 5:36:19 PM
Tops off!Recently while chilling at utopia, Graham came along and parked his Z4 BMW on the footpath in front of the shops, and we liked it! So we organized our next feature shoot of “TOPSOFF”, Grahams 2003 BMW Z4 when asked…Read more

2012/03/06 8:19:32 PM
Big Als Poker Run 2012Saturday the 11th of February was the one of the biggest and most popular hot rod shows in Perth, the “big als poker run”. We packed our esky and camera gear and joined dodgee Bruce in his 1970 Dodge Phoenix…Read more

2012/02/13 8:27:24 PM
Jessie Cate cruise SuccessSaturday the 28th of January saw over 300 cars venture to Hall park in Mandurah for a very special event , the Jessie Cate memorial cruise. Christie Appleyard with her group “Perth car cruises” and various other volunteers and helpers…Read more

2012/01/29 1:48:38 PM
Cruise for Jessie CateSaturday 28th of January,12pm-3pm hosted by : perth car cruises – promoted by Autolifeperth.com HUGE meet at Hall Park Mandurah, there will be food, VIP speakers, raffles and all sorts! After holding a massive 1 minute silence we will depart…Read more

2012/01/11 3:46:22 PM
Get Fit!Kevins Fit / Jazz Kevins Fit / Jazz was our target on friday night for a quick shoot.. if your a part of the JDM crew , you would of seen this little rocket getting around the streets before ,…Read more


Autopro Malaga bikini car wash for charitywe didn’t have a lot to do on Sunday so we thought we’d check out the Autopro Bikini car wash at Autopro Malaga we had 5 cars at the event repping the Autolife branding , 3 of which ended up…Read more

2011/10/30 8:18:19 PM
JDM WA Photoshoot and cruisewe packed our camera gear once again as we were invited to check out the JDM WA shoot and cruise scheduled for today we don’t have a JDM inspired car so we stuck back and just lingered around a bit…Read more

2011/10/23 6:51:22 PM
Our dirty little silv-cretthis my friends is one of the only Autolife promotional cars we have pleasure of representing Rob De luca’a Silvia has been missing from the perth car scene for a few months now while we rebuilt it and it made…Read more

2011/10/09 9:50:49 PM
Promotion opportunities now availableAre you a Racer?   … Are you a Drifter ? …. Are you a competitor ? Autolife now has promotional opportunities available to racers and competitors or car show entrants ( like motorvation / powercruise ) Buy our decals and…Read more

2011/10/08 4:09:46 PM
one night standwe headed down to bunbury this weekend and attended the one night stand burnout comp hosted at bunbury speedway was a great night with plenty of horsepower our full photo coverage is now online here , check it out! heres…Read more

2011/09/25 9:00:10 PM
The Black Pearl – EXR8Well it was a awesome day on Sunday the 11th of September so we decided to get out of the house and take The EXR8 out for a shoot , we spent about 2 hours or so detailing it so…Read more

2011/09/11 10:05:01 PM
Street Shoot #2today Autolife hosted another street shoot , only this time it was during the day if you missed this event , which we know all of you did as only 1 other person rocked up , you missed out on…Read more

2011/09/03 4:31:58 PM
Hot rod heavenWe busted out the camera for our first car show in quite some time and went down to the burswood dome for the ‘ Hot rod and street machine spectacular 2011 ‘ below is a small selection of photos from…Read more

2011/08/29 6:50:54 PM
Autolife clothing and apparelAutolife are doing a limited run of Autolife Perth hoodies/jackets … they come in black and are like the one shown on the left and can be either hoodie style or zip up jacket will be $55 each by direct…Read more

2011/08/22 12:30:25 PM
have your say! – SurveysNow online  – Autolife Survey systems – Take our surveys about the below car clubs and make your say count , Click HERE Or click the below links – all surveys are anonymous and stats may be passed onto club…Read more

2011/08/17 7:36:29 PM
Japanese Bunbury InvasionAutolife Perth was invited to a Japanese Car cruise today(14/8/2011)  ran by Wendy Spence and numerous other helpers we met up with the cruise at cockburn central at 9:15am and shot some photos of the attendees then headed down to…Read more

2011/08/14 8:32:37 PM
ProRace – ShopTorque ReviewBack in 2002 Michael Ward started  Factory R.E. and soon had a few of WA’s top racers as customers, including AHG driver trainer Peter Major who races an RX7, after a few years they decided to open a dedicated shop…Read more

2011/08/01 7:19:49 PM
Atomic Terra – Our First Autolife Feature Car!  When Autolife Requested a few feature cars , we didn’t hesitate when we were offered to shoot the eye catching HSV owned by Ryan Allen Ryan bought this car back in November 2006 when back then it looked like…Read more

2011/07/31 7:34:10 PM
update – Did Someone say PIZZA – Autolife SocialUpdate : because going to several pizza shops ay become very hard in terms of time limits and car parking … we have decided to split the pizza run into a few events … we will run 3 or 4…Read more

2011/06/29 9:10:19 PM
Update- Rising Sunday – JDM specRising Sunday was organised by a few lads to show of Perths JDM and Japanese car scene we packed our camera gear and spent a few hours shooting some of the more interesting vehicles that made an appearance unfortunately it…Read more

2011/06/26 8:57:21 PM
Southern Jam 2Today was the running of the Southern Jam 2, the event which is for mini trucks, vans and customs met at cockburn gateways car park and then cruised down to bunbury and camped the night we attended the pre-meet at…Read more

2011/06/25 3:43:29 PM
WCC Track day – 19th June 2011well sunday we had nothing much to do so we decided to check out the West Coast Commodores Track day at barbagallo raceway there were 100 cars there and a few events were ran like the slalom , go to…Read more

2011/06/20 6:56:34 PM
We Remember – Luke Beyer Memorial CruiseLuke Beyer was a young 17 year old man who had a heart of gold. Unfortunatley, due to a tragic accident, Lukes life was cut short when he was involved in a car accident, the other driver being under the…Read more

2011/06/20 5:13:06 PM
West coast commodores Charity CruiseWe went to the first meetup point for the West coast commodores charity cruise for PMH on the 11th of June 2011 we only snapped a few photos so here they are hopefully someone can give us a review to…Read more

2011/06/12 7:53:19 PM
Another Update! – Order your stickers now!Update – We will be keeping the store open a bit longer as we will have a few more sticker options a budget $4 , $5 and $10 decal for the penny saving autolife follower are available for purchase  ,…Read more

2011/06/08 10:33:36 PM
An engagement to rememberLast night we were invited to attend Dan Brouwer and Carly Beesley’s engagement party so we decided to take the camera gear what we didnt know until before the party was that they were planning a burnout show!!! some cars…Read more

2011/06/06 8:02:38 PM
An Autolife DaySaturday the 4th of June saw the running of our first daytime meetup , the ‘ Autolife show’n’chow’ A group of us met up at ‘Munchies’ at midday and grabbed a bite to eat and mingled amongst ourselves with our…Read more

2011/06/06 12:57:52 PM
Update – Rising SundayWhat is ‘ Rising Sunday ‘ You might be asking ? well … this info from facebook pretty much sums up the event and group The event starts at 10am and is a Japanese only car show …  we will…Read more

2011/05/26 10:38:00 PM
Dirtydeeds Skidpan dayAutolife joined Dirtydeeds cruizn today (22nd May 2011) and went to the RAC/AHG Driving centre for the Dirtydeeds skidpan day we only shot 10 photos as you can see below as our main job today was to film our first…Read more

2011/05/22 10:14:47 PM
Have your say – Speed camerasWell its time to spark up some more chatter with another have your say the topic … speed cameras Do you think they save lives ? or just another way to raise revenue ? …. what about these new ‘combo…Read more

2011/05/15 11:02:14 PM
Mandurah car showwe got word there was a car show in Mandurah on Friday night but unfortunately we couldn’t make it due to a private function we had to attend after a quick flick through facebook i saw that someone got some…Read more

2011/05/15 5:34:35 PM
We be repp’n – Autolife Promotional  Autolife is going full steam ahead designing our promotional gear. Hot off the press is our very first Autolife Decal , now proudly displayed on the rear of our Falcon ‘ EXR8 ‘ the one pictured is a demo…Read more

2011/05/14 12:48:47 AM
DirtyDeeds May CruiseAs we sat at City West watching the city lights and the headlights of a lot of angry cars roll in, we knew it was going to another awesome night. It was like the ultimate bro fest, shaking hands and…Read more

2011/05/08 6:28:22 PM
Streetlook – The Low DownAnother Autolife Streetlook shoot took place on the 7/05/2011 we now have another 5 cars to add to our database including a low rodeo , 2 falcons , a WRX and a HD Holden check out the shoot page by…Read more

2011/05/08 4:26:23 PM
To cruise or not to cruise? – Have your say!Autolife has been around for only a few weeks now but we are no stranger to the automotive scene with the founder of the website having at least 7 years or so of “car scene” experience’s under his belt going…Read more

2011/04/27 5:24:40 PM
Holden Vs Ford!Holden took out the Holden Vs Ford day at the perth motorplex this year yet again! (Holden 3 –  Ford 1) Fully Automotive attended and shot a 200+ photo gallery for a few hours during the day check out the…Read more

2011/04/26 6:13:14 PM
Hamburger Run – Success!23rd of APril 2011 was the date for Fully Automotives popular and still great as ever annual hamburger run meetup was at charcoal chicken in cannington which we soon found out has closed down , that made 2 stops where places…Read more

2011/04/25 12:07:48 PM
Have your say! – Petrol Priceseach month we are going to ask the automotive community a question or hot topic and provide a forum right here via the comments section for our viewers to say what they feel about the selected topic this month we…Read more

2011/04/20 11:18:56 PM
WADRIFT finals – drifting good day!  The season has ended for WADRIFT  with the final battles on sunday the 17th or April at Barbagallo raceway and they went out with a cloud of smoke!! to celebrate the finals we decided to provide a 60+ photo…Read more

2011/04/20 10:03:24 PM
It was RACE day!Autolife & Fully Automotive content provider Clayton Bell headed down to Barbagallo raceway on the 10th of April 2011 for the Autotrader race day Ryan Was unable to cover this event due to the Waroona Car show being on the…Read more

2011/04/19 11:10:25 PM
Hamburger Run This weekend!Yes folks its that time of year again for Fully Automotives hamburger run 2011!!! Fully Automotives hamburger run has been an annual tradition since the early 2000’s and has been the one event that Fully Automotive has vowed to run…Read more

2011/04/19 10:06:31 AM
Burning tyres for the bushfireswe all know how the bush fires up in the Armadale hills in Perth devastated lives and put a damage bill up in the millions well a bunch of car enthusiasts such as Dee Lusted and Caroline Wild Bowditch have been running an action to help…Read more

2011/04/14 10:37:23 PM
Dirtydeeds April Cruisewith the april cruise over and done with its time to refect on the night that was – simply awesome the turnout was impressive , some nice rides out including Trevs 1965 Cadillac Deville Coupe and one very pimping VE…Read more

2011/04/11 8:31:11 PM
Australian was the wordtook the EL ‘Faker’ for a spin today and went down to Waroona for the Annual All Aussie car show we took a few shots , only about 70 odd as we werent there to cover the event for any…Read more

2011/04/10 6:32:41 PM
Streeters With Attitude – StreetLookCheck out our new section called ‘ Streetlook ‘ This section will be showcasing some of perths general street rides , each ‘streetlook’ will feature a quick rundown about the car and some photos of outside/inside/engine/boot taken by a professional photographer  ……Read more

2011/04/09 1:09:14 PM
MCRCWA Club Race DayClayton Bell went down and checked out the MCRCWA Club Race Day – 3rd March 2011 at Barbagallo raceway Clayon hasnt provided a article for this event so we will just post some pretty photos and a link to his gallery…Read more

2011/04/06 9:14:18 PM
DirtyDeeds Burnout/Camping TripDirtyDeeds were given the opportunity for a private session on the Westdale Rock burnout pad, which was kindly accepted! The boys prepped the cars and the trailers, ferrying many sets of rims/tyres to destroy! Tyres weren’t the only thing destroyed,…Read more

2011/04/05 11:20:47 PM
Feature Cars Wanted!Want to be our first feature car? We are currently looking for a car in perth to become our first Autolife featured vehicle if you think you can fill this need … contact us ! your car has to have…Read more

2011/04/04 8:04:32 PM
MAX Murray 2011The Max Murray Car show is scheduled for the 3rd of april 2011 come check out all the cars and make a day of it we have been invited to shoot and will be publishing photos after the event Below…Read more

2011/04/04 3:00:01 PM
We want you!! ..Autolife wants you! you can add to this community as easy as riding a bike ( well maybe thats hard for some people ) if you know of an event or cruise not listed here , click on the ‘…Read more

2011/04/02 4:18:15 AM
Hot Rods to HellAnother Update from Autolifes content contributor Uncle Dodgey!   Did you like this? Share it:TweetEdit your submission

2011/03/30 2:13:54 PM
Reviews Wanted!Autolife wants YOU! we are currently looking for members of the public to submit reviews to our community … automotive product reviews , cruise reviews ( you can remain anonymous when we post it ) show reviews , event reviews…Read more

2011/03/30 12:52:05 PM
Welcome AboardAutolife Perth is the newest automotive events management community in the city of Perth , Western Australia we will endevor to bring you events and cruise info like no other! , with the help of Perths ‘ In-the-know’ people ,…Read more

2011/03/30 7:17:58 AM
Content – Fully AutomotiveFully automotive is pleased to be one of Autolife’s content provides Did you like this? Share it:TweetEdit your submission

2011/03/30 7:15:01 AM
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Whoop Ass Wednesday – 30th March 2011come check out whoop ass wednesday tonight at the perth motorplex! Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

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